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Cast & Crew

Matthew – Asaneth – Human Warlock
Dan H – Darn Brightbeard – Mountain Dwarf Paladin
Phil – Lily – High Elf Cleric
Robin – Tearz – Human Monk

Chris – Kelin – Human Rogue
Sean – Azel – Human Ranger

Dan W – DM

The Broken Tower Company Founded around 400 years ago by Sir Cadogan Gwilym, a human paladin exiled from another land and last survivor of his order. He attempted to recreate his order of paladins, but failed – the order could not live up to its lofty ideals and in time faded into just another mercenary company. It still harbours more clerics and paladins than other mercenary outfits – but even they tend to be troubled, hiding from their pasts amongst brothers-in-arms who don’t ask difficult questions.

The only officer who still truly embodies the old ideals is Captain Yolanda Scheullei. Now following up a job offer with a connection to their mysterious founder, the 2nd platoon of Captain Scheullei finds itself scattered and lost in a dark land haunted by secrets…


Table Rules

  • Cocked dice are re-rolled unless the result is obvious.
  • Dice off the table still count if everyone can see the result.
  • Go easy on theft/murder/sex in gameplay. Choose your actions wisely!
  • Keep books etc clean and treats each other’s belongings and homes with respect.
  • Regarding the above, messy dinners to be eaten before play starts!
  • Food arrangements on a rota (below). No Beetroot please!
  • Phones etc only to be used if you are using an app to aid play. Otherwise put them away.
  • Answering calls, text messages etc? Please excuse yourself.
  • Respect each other’s turns in play; pay attention to what your team-mates are doing and be ready to take your turn when it comes around.


Things to Remember

  • fortnightly when possible
  • midweek
  • 6.00pm to 9.00pm
  • 5th edition D&D
  • gothic horror!
  • dangerous monsters that WILL eat you!
  • intrigue!
  • think first, then talk, then run, fight if you have to!


House Rules

These are rules that differ slightly from those in the rulebook.

  • A long rest does not restore all HP. Instead you roll dice equal to your total hit dice maximum (even if you have spent some) and regain that amount of HP. You then regain half your total hit dice (up to your maximum).
  • Whoever takes point counts for two in group stealth checks.



DnD Beyond on line rules and tools:

Zip full of character sheets, including form fillable:

Also this custom-made one which does most of the math for you as you fill it out:

If you do want to familiarise yourself the free basic rules can be downloaded here:

Or web version of rules:

and some pregen characters:

There's some extra character options for this campaign if you want to use them, specifically a new character background and some alternative trinkets to start with: (this will make more sense once you are more familiar with character creation)

If you want to make your own character with more class options then you might find it easier to use the Players Hand Book when we can go through it together. If you do want to try and do it yourself let me know and I can send more links to help.


List of Forgotten Realms gods, including elf gods, dwarf gods etc:…

List of other pantheons:

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